Robotics &  Support 

It all starts here. We love robots. We develop, build and repair robots. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and above all, we want to ensure that our customers have a remarkable experience with robotics. If we imagine a future full of robots, our technical team will be at the heart of this revolution. Robotics is moving fast and the technical team aspires to positively influence the future of robotics technology.




We are "makers". We bring robotic products to market in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Whether in-house or through our network of manufacturers, from prototypes to mass production, our team holds the backbone of a powerful creative ecosystem. The Web and new technologies provide power to all to invent new products. Our manufacturing team exists to unleash this collective creative force and materialize the finest ideas for the benefit of all.

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Many of the most forward thinking companies in the world turn to us as a trusted partner in discovering talented personnel with proven abilities.Talent Attraction Group (TAG) is a division of Global Robotics which provide premier recruitment and contracting in robotics, autonomous systems and software development, TAG understands the pressing need organisations have for professionals with exemplary track records and specialised skills.