RobMack is a highly scalable commercial robot.touch screen with 10 inch, can easily issue task instructions, support advertising content broadcast support IOT (Internet of Things),be suitable for item transportation and material display in various spaces, and etc. RobMack is applicable to casinos'catering hotels, leisure and entertainment places, shopping malls,business spaces airport,stations and many other a variety of scenes


Application scene

Technical parameters






Texture of material

Stainless steel


10.1 Inch LCD Touch Screen :

1024×800 IPS

Charging mode


Navigation mode

Laser navigation

Rated power (W)


Rated input voltage(V)


battery capacity

11.1V17.6AH lithium ion battery



Weight of the charging set

5 kg

Time of charging

4 hours

After-sales service

Nationwide warranty one-

year warranty




R105 000,00Price
  • Application scene Active Obstacle avoidance

    • When running, the robot with function of Automatic obstacle -avoidance can automatically bypass or stop running (according to the width of the walking road) when there are obstacles in front and issue the voice, reminding the person move away.
    • After the current obstacle disappears, the robot continues to deliver the food. Voice prompt content: The dialect or featured language can be recorded by theuser to facilitate the addition of changes.

    Automatic navigation

    • Laser auto-navigation allows robots to adapt to its installation.In the map area, the robot can walk and avoid obstacles automatically during walking.

    Direct meal delivery

    • In this mode, the robot can serve multiple meals at the same time.Place the dishes ordered by different customers on several trays, then enter the corresponding table number.It can plan the best path on its own and deliver the dishes as fast as possible.

    Cruise mode

    • In cruise mode, it can carry self-service drinks, dessert snacks, or paper towels.Run along the loop path formulated by the waiter over and over again.Invite customers to access or taste through voice and on-screen display.

    Anti-theft function

    • If in the midway dish is taken away by other guests,A reminder will be sent through the plate sensor test: "This is not your dish, please don't take it away, thank you!"

    Automatic perception

    • After going to the designated table, it will stop, rotate the angle to face the guests and broadcast the name of the dish.When she perceives that the dish has been taken away through the sensor of the plate, she will say, "Thank you, please take your time!"And will turn away after 3 seconds, the meal is finished. (No need to send a signal to the robot for a second touch.)

    Plate recycling

    • The barley robot has practical functions such as multi-zone recycling tray and automatic return with full loading.Can be responsible for recycling the plate instead of waiters and reduce the number of waiters.


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