Combo bundle teaches robotics using Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. 


World’s easiest and most powerful robot software designed for EZ-Robots. Scales from beginner to advanced users. This software introduces amazing features that will teach students the skills needed to succeed in the future!

Bundle includes:


1 x JD Humanoid
1 x Six Hexapod
1 x Roli Rover
4 x Clip'n'Play Adapter Plate
8 x Extension Cube
8 x Extension Block
12 x Extension Cable
1 x HDD Servo (for replacement)
1 x Micro HDD Servo (for replacement)
1 x Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
Unlimited EZ-Builder Software Installations

JD Humanoid Education BUNDLE

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  • Curriculum (optional)


    Add EZ-Robot’s Curriculum that provides lesson plans and projects for R14,976.85 .The EZ-Robot curriculum is a one-time fee and works for the entire school with no need to purchase mutable site licenses.


    A humanoid that walks right away.

     JD includes apps for walking, dancing, and even playing the piano! The EZ-Builder Software includes an amazing and easy-to-use animation GAIT feature called Auto Positioner. This allows you to create movement animations for your robot to walk, dance or give high fives! The animations can be triggered by other input controls, such as Speech Recognition, Vision Tracking, Joysticks, Wii Controllers, and more.