We are known as the world’s leading manufacture and source for robotics technology. We are in a field that has a bright future. We are just at page one, chapter one of the robotics revolution. Our strategy is solid, our growth is rapid and our ambitions are huge. At Global Robotics like many experts around the world, we believe that service robotics will become the next major industrial phase that humanity will encounter. 

Our Benefits & Perks

“Global Robotics is growing fast. Join the adventure now!”

  • A minimum of 3 weeks vacation per year (according to seniority and/or experience);

  • 9 paid holidays;

  • 2 paid days for sick leave/family or personal obligations;

  • Flexible hours: arrival between 7 h 30 and 9 h 30 and ending between 15 h 30 to 17 h 30 (chosen by the candidate);

  • Free social activities organized by AdDuck Group(Annual summer Picnic, Christmas party, etc.), many of which are also free for spouse and children;

  • Gathering at Pizza Lovers on Fridays to encourage social interaction;

  • Group insurance coverage available (partly covered by Global Robotics);

  • Library (books, magazines, and several robotic products are available for personal loan);

  • Discount for personal product purchases;

  • Profit sharing program;

  • In recognition of the number of years of service, Global Robotics provides an annual gift to loyal employees;

  • Pension plan with % contribution from Global Robotics;

  • Reimbursement of approved training programs;

  • Competitive remuneration;

  • Free parking and petrol cards

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